(The image above is an artists impression of the atrium, which is due for completion in 2024)


Our Sports Centre facilities include


A six-lane, 25-metre swimming pool with a cutting-edge micro-filtration system, designed to minimise water waste and energy consumption, and create a purer quality of water.

Climbing Academy

  • 10.266 m high climbing wall
  • 8.421 m high abseiling platform
  • Climbing wall area 13.062 m wide
  • Bouldering wall 4 m high
  • Bouldering wall 11.791 m wide
  • 9 individual climbing line routes
  • 2 graded climbs and 5 graded bouldering circuits to the bouldering wall

Sports Hall

The total area of the sports hall is 40.6 m long by 21.35 m wide. The hall can be partitioned to offer different sports at any one time. For example, the hall can accommodate 5 full size badminton courts.

The sports hall can be used for a wide range of sports including: indoor hockey, cricket, volleyball, basketball and football.

Featuring floor markings and flexible partitioning, the sports hall can be tailored to host multiple sports simultaneously, providing a dynamic and adaptable space for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

Changing Facilities

Our changing facilities include 18 changing cubicles and two group change areas, as well as six shower cubicles. Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the changing areas, please bring a change of footwear, e.g. flip flops/sliders.

For visitors using the sports centre or climbing academy, please arrive at the sports centre dressed ready for your session. There are appropriate areas within the centre where you can change your shoes.

Baby change

We have appropriate baby change facilities on-site.


Our facilities are fully accessible for visitors with a health condition, impairment or use of a mobility aid. All of the facilities are on one level, so there are no stairs or lifts. We have accessible changing facilities, toilets and parking for blue badge holders on site too.

Pool Pod for enhanced pool access

This innovative access system provides a safe and efficient way for individuals with limited mobility to enter and exit the pool, making swimming accessible to everyone. ,

Changing Places Toilet

We have incorporated a registered Changing Places toilet within our sports centre. This fully-equipped sanitary facility offers a height-adjustable changing bench, ceiling track hoist, privacy screen and ample space for one or two assistants, ensuring dignity and ease of use for all.


We have lockers available if required. Please bring a number combination padlock (not a key padlock). You can also purchase a reusable lock from our reception desk.


We’ve built our sports centre and swimming pool with sustainability at its heart. Find out more here.

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