Parent Swimming Information

For children attending swimming lessons

Preparing your child for their swimming lesson

Preparing your child for their first swimming lesson is an exciting and crucial step in fostering a positive relationship with the water.

With your child, you can start by creating a sense of anticipation and excitement around their upcoming experience, emphasising the fun and adventure of learning to swim.

It’s a good idea to familiarise your child with the swimwear and accessories they will be using, allowing them to choose colours or designs they like.

Encourage discussions about water safety and the role of their swimming teacher, emphasising that swimming is a skill to enjoy.

Most importantly, approach the first lesson with enthusiasm and reassurance, letting your child know that you are proud of their upcoming aquatic adventure. By establishing a positive mindset and associating swimming with joy, you set the stage for a successful and enjoyable introduction to this valuable life skill.

Reading stories to children can also help them to prepare for their learning to swim experience.

Some stories include:

Peppa Goes Swimming

Everyone loves Peppa Pig!

Froggy Learns to Swim

Great for those who may be nervous.

Topsy and Tim Learn to Swim

Join them on their first lesson with some great tips.

Remember that children learn best when they are happy and enjoying themselves. Our experienced swimming teachers will work with your child to meet their individual needs and support them in their learning to swim journey.

What to bring with you

Please arrive ready for your swimming lesson where possible, wearing your swimming costume/swimming shorts under your regular clothes. This helps to avoid congestion in the changing areas in-between lessons.

During your child’s lesson

Children should wait by the side of the pool where they will be met by their swimming teacher at the beginning of the lesson.

Parents should not enter the pool side. Parents can watch the swimming lessons from our viewing area, where free wifi is also available.

At the end of the child’s lesson

At the end of the child’s lesson, parents can meet their children in the appropriate changing area. Don’t forget to celebrate all their achievements, from blowing bubbles and jumping in, to putting their face in the water and swimming their first width or length.

Please note that no outdoor shoes are allowed in the changing areas.

Speaking to the swimming teacher

If you wish to discuss anything with your swimming teacher, please inform our reception staff, who will pass on a message or arrange a suitable time for you to speak to them in person.

Changing Facilities

We are committed to providing clean and safe changing areas. There are 18 changing cubicles as well as two group change rooms. We also have six shower cubicles available. 

Please note that outdoor shoes are not allowed to be worn in the changing areas. You must have either bare feet, or bring flip flops/sliders to wear in the changing areas. This is to help ensure the facilities remain as clean as possible at all times. Baby change facilities are also available.

Lockers – We have lockers available if required. Please speak to our reception about purchasing a reusable lock.


For all swimming lesson enquiries please email:

For sports centre enquiries please email:

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