Swim Safety Rules and Etiquette

We want you to have a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

Please remember the following swim safety rules when using the pool.

No Running: Running on wet surfaces can lead to slips and falls. Please walk carefully when you are pool-side.

Supervision: Children and inexperienced swimmers should always be supervised by a responsible adult.

Non-swimmers: All non-swimmers must stay in the designated swimming areas and have a competent adult swimmer with them at all times. Armbands and/or appropriate buoyancy aids are strongly recommended for all under 8-s and non-swimmers.

No Diving in Shallow Areas: Please observe the signage relating to where you can safely dive from.

No Glass or Sharp Objects: Please do not bring glass objects including glass water bottles onto the pool side.

Shower before Swimming: We encourage all swimmers to shower before entering the pool.

Upset Stomach: Please do not enter the pool if you have had an upset tummy for the preceding 24 hours.

Wear appropriate swimming clothing: All swimmers must wear appropriate clean swimwear. Improvised costumes are not allowed

Eating: No food is allowed pool-side. Please don’t swim immediately after eating.

Respect Lifeguards: Please follow the instructions of lifeguards, who are trained to ensure the safety of everyone in the pool.

No Mobile Phones: Mobile photos or other electronic devices with cameras are allowed pool-side. No member of the public is allowed to take photos from the pool side or viewing areas.

Lane Swimming Etiquette

Before you enter the pool, look at the lanes and choose one that has swimmers working at the same pace as you.

Each lane will have a sign at each end indicating whether you should be swimming in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Make sure you stick to this, even if the lane is quiet.

If swimmers are swimming faster or slower than you, be willing to switch to a more suitable lane.

There may be varying skill levels of swimmers. Always be respectful of others’ abilities and allow plenty of personal space.

Always overtake with caution. Take care to avoid collisions. Never try to swim over another swimmer.

If a swimmer wishes to overtake, let them do so. If the lane is too busy to allow someone to pass, wait until you reach the end of the lane, pull to the side, and let all the faster swimmers behind past before continuing to swim.

If you are taking a break at the end of the lane, stand to the side to allow others to tumble turn easily. Do not stop or rest in the middle of a lane or gather in groups at the end of the lane.

If you need to take a rest after swimming a few lengths, it’s important you stay out of the way of those swimmers that are continuing. Stop at the end of the lane and move as far to the side of the lane as possible to make sure you don’t get in the way.


For all swimming lesson enquiries please email: swimschool@perse.co.uk

For sports centre enquiries please email: sportscentre@perse.co.uk

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